As they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

There’s no harm wanting in that extra bling to glam ourselves up. Whether it’s the razzle-dazzle of diamond rings, sophisticated charm bracelets or classy earrings, we all deserve a little sparkle in our lives!

While some of us may purchase jewellery simply to doll ourselves up, there are also various motivations behind why people buy jewellery. These reasons may be religious, psychological or economic. For instance, some people’s urge for buying jewellery is driven by the need to have different items as a form of wealth. As well, some people purchase jewellery due to personal or religious beliefs that are associated with owning jewellery.

What Motivates Individuals To Purchase Jewellery?

  • Jewellery As A Status Symbol

As superficial as this may sound, expensive jewellery can act as a symbol of wealth. Therefore, people buy jewellery to show that they are of a higher class in society.

  • Jewellery As A Form Of Wealth 

Nearly all forms of jewellery increase in value over time. This means that any jewellery whose value appreciates will be worth much more after some years compared to its value today. You can benefit from this aspect of rise in value to buy pieces of jewellery such as watches, necklaces, crystals and bracelets and sell them later when their value has gone up. Examples of jewellery whose value rises over time include gemstones, gold, silver and diamonds.

  • Religious Uses Of Jewellery 

Pieces of jewellery such as crosses, rings, chains, bracelets, bangles and many others are used to symbolise different things and events in various religions.

  • Self-expression Through Jewellery

Some of us buy various types of jewellery as a way of expressing what they stand for. If you would like to make a bold expression of who you are, there are certain types of jewellery that you will put on. For example, a necklace with coloured crystals adds glamour to you when you’re wearing them.

  • Jewellery As A Fashion Statement 

This point is closely tied to the point above about self-expression. Various combinations of jewellery can be used to make a fashion statement, which is also a way of expressing oneself.

  • Belief That Jewellery Helps People Attract And Maintain Fortune

 Gemstones such as emeralds are believed to attract fortune. Therefore, some people keep stockpiles of these gems to attract wealth and become more successful.

  • Jewellery As A Way Of Gifting

 Different types of jewellery can be given to people as a gifts. Gifting a person with a piece of jewellery can act as a way of saying that you appreciate or love that person.

  • Use Of Jewellery In Relationships

Rings, chains and other pieces of jewellery are used to depict commitment in relationships.

The Various Kinds Of Jewellery That Are Popular Amongst Singaporeans

  • Diamonds

There are various types of jewellery made from diamonds. These include luxury watches, chains, necklaces and many others. For many years, diamonds have been regarded as a symbol of power, status and wealth. This is the reason why they are so popular in Singapore.

  • Other Gemstones

There are many other gemstones that are popular in Singapore. These include emerald, pearl, jade, aventurine, malachite, sapphire and many others. Different types of crystals are popular because they have different meanings as will be explained further in the next section.

  • Gold Jewellery

There are gold watches, necklaces, rings, chains and many other types of jewellery made from gold. You can choose any type of gold jewellery from the various stores that sell jewellery in Singapore.

What Is Denoted By Different Types Of Jewellery?

Different kinds of jewellery symbolise different aspects about beliefs and wealth. There are varied perceptions regarding the type, colour and shape of any piece of jewellery:

  • Type Of jewellery

The type of jewellery that one has says a lot about your beliefs and status. For example, pearls connote timeless elegance while diamonds symbolize purity. Along the same line, jade jewellery is believed to enhance the harmony of an individual’s mind, body and spirit. Jade crystals are also associated with good luck as well as wealth and success. Similarly, pieces of jewellery made from gold, silver and other valuable metals denote a sense of high social status.

  • Shape Of The Jewellery

Different shapes are used to symbolise different things in life. For example, a piece of jewellery that has the shape of a horse shoe denotes fortune and good luck. The same shape also symbolises fertility and good crops. Jewellery that has an infinity symbol is used to symbolise that a given quality or condition is infinite. Infinity is also used to represent positive things such as love and friendship.

  • Colour Of The Jewellery

Various colours communicate different feelings and emotions. The same applies to the colour of any piece of jewellery. For example, gemstones that are pink or red in colour symbolise love or passion. On the other hand, green gemstones such as emeralds stand for liveliness, growth and fortune. White symbolises purity and innocence while blue is a symbol of truth, communication and calmness.

How Taking A Jewellery Loan Can Boost Your Plan To Buy Jewellery

A piece of jewellery in Singapore can cost anything between a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is dependent on the quality, size and type of jewellery. Given the value that is attached to different types of jewellery, there is little doubt that most pieces of good jewellery are expensive. This means that many people may find it difficult to buy valuable jewellery because of lack of wherewithal. This is where U Credit’s jewellery loan can come in handy. Jewellery loans are a form of personal loan that are specifically tailored to finance your jewellery purchase.

  • You Can Purchase Your Jewellery Today

Compared to getting a personal loan from banks who are usually stricter and have a longer application process, a jewellery loan has a faster application process and are less rigid. Applying for a jewellery loan with a reputable lender can ensure that you get your loan approved within days, so you won’t have to put off buying that piece of jewellery.

  • They Are More Wallet Friendly

Credit card or bank loans can prove to be expensive due to their higher interest rates. On the other hand, applying for a jewellery loan with a reputable lender will provide you with with a quick and affordable way to finance your jewellery purchase.  They also have a more flexible repayment scheme as they understand that loan repayments might put a strain on your finances. Hence, it is possible to customise your repayment time frame by choosing the repayment amount and loan tenure that fits you best. Loan tenures can range from 1-5 years.

  • You Won’t Have To Eat Into Your Emergency Fund

Perhaps you have been eyeing that particular piece of jewellery for a very long time. However, the only way to finance it is to eat into your emergency fund that you have saved up for emergencies. This might not be a wise decision. With a jewellery loan, you’ll be able to fund your jewellery purchase, all without having to utilise your emergency funds that you have so painstakingly saved for.

That said, one of the key things that you need to ensure when going for a jewellery loan is that you settle for jewellery that you can comfortably afford through the loan. This way, you will be able to comfortably repay the loan through small instalments while at the same time enjoying your treasured jewellery. Therefore, a jewellery loan comes in handy if you badly need a piece of jewellery but you are not able to make a lump sum payment for it.

Applying For A Jewellery Loan With U Credit 

There’s nothing wrong in wanting to to look and feel good about yourself by dolling yourself up once in a while: A few pieces of jewellery, you’re all set to go! With a personalised jewellery loan from U Credit, you’ll be one step closer to adorning yourself with a timeless piece of jewellery. Speak to us to find out more about our jewellery loans today!