Apply for U Credit Vacation Loan in Singapore

Like most people in Singapore, you must have a dream vacation plan that never leaves your mind. Maybe you would want to have a vacation cruise in the Mediterranean with stops in amazing cities such as Rome and Barcelona. Probably, you would like to spend time on the French Alps or you would love to enjoy some diving action in Bali. Whatever your vacationing dream, the issue of cost always comes up as a hurdle.

True, you can save for your vacation, but for how many years will you do this? In most cases, the money you set aside will be exhausted by more pressing emergencies and you will find yourself postponing your travel plans. Well, you are now in luck because with a Singapore vacation loan from U Credit, one of the most reputable money lender, you can now have fun alone or with family. Truth be told, everyone deserves a break especially now that modern life is more hectic than ever.

Hassle Free Vacation Financing

A vacation is just what your doctor recommended and lucky for you, there are no more worries about how to finance your plan. If you have been postponing your vacation for years, why not take this year with one of the amazing financial products in the market designed for vacations? These loans are tailored to meet your travel plans and fund every aspect of your trip.

More importantly, vacation loans are more affordable compared to credit cards and personal loans. With a vacation loan, you get to choose a flexible package that suits your expenses and financial situation. The loans are now easily available from licensed lenders in the country.

Still wondering why you should go for a loan to finance your vacation? Check out the expenses you can easily cover with your loan:

Transportation – This is a major expense that includes air travel and ground transportation. You can afford the best class travel to spice up your vacation if you have enough financing.

Accommodation and meals – The whole idea of a vacation is to pamper yourself and now that you have the cash, choose the best accommodation and eat fine food; after all you have worked hard for this.

Attraction tickets – Now that you are visiting a top destination, get ready to explore and see as much as you can. Go for guided tours to get a real feel of your destination.

Souvenirs – You deserve a souvenir to remember this fascinating trip and even gift family and friends.

Our Singapore vacation loan is flexible, versatile, easy to apply and affordable. Talk to us and add that oomph to your trip.